What will the winner of little champ get?

Answer a hero Honda bike for parents, a gold medal , a trophy , sony bravia, pride and honour

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How to Become a Squash Champ?

Squash is a fast game which requires plenty of speed and sense. Read on to learn how to become a champion at it!

How to Use a Diaper Champ?

Many parents must figure out how to dispose of stinky diapers. Opening and closing a plastic trash bag allows odors to escape the bag. The Diaper Champ by Baby Trend Inc. offers a solution to this ... Read More »

Is samsung champ better than corby pop?

no, samsung corby pop is way better than samsung champ as it has a much better camera, a better and larger display screen and the touchscreen is much more responsive. samsung champ tends to freeze ... Read More »

Is the diaper champ recyclable?

The Diaper Champ, a diaper disposal can, is recyclable, according to the customer service department for Baby Trend, the manufacturer. Contact your local recycling center or sanitation company for ... Read More »