Who is the Vice President for directv?

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What is the email address for the vice president of customer service for directv?

Michael Wallach- Vice President of Direct Marketing and Sales at DirecTV but what is his physical business address?

Can't find VP, but here is the President of the company:Michael White, Inc.PO Box 65550Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

Why does Directv send customer correspondence from Michael Wallach who is Vice President of Direct Sales when they refuse to provide his address for customer replies or feedback?

Maybe when a company empowers their employees to make and accept promotional deals then finds out that it is not what they consider acceptable instead of offering a better deal or accepting the los... Read More »

Why does the vice president and the speaker of the house of representatives sit behind the president while he gives the state of the union address?

Not really. If the president has already served two terms the he or she cannot run again. If he or she believed they stood a good chance of winning then they are likely to run again. If, however, ... Read More »