Who was Lincoln's attorney general?

Answer During Lincoln's first term his attorney general was Edward Bates and during his second term it was James Speed.

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Who is the federal attorney general?

The United States attorney general, as of May 2010, is Eric H. Holder Jr., who was sworn into the post in February 2009. Holder was a deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration and the f... Read More »

Job Description of an Attorney General?

The title attorney general often describes the chief law enforcement officer in government, whether it be on the federal, state or local level. The attorney general also acts as the country's repre... Read More »

Who was the US attorney general in 1903?

James Clark McReynolds, he was appointed by Roosevelt. He served from 1903 to 1907

Who can prepare a general power of attorney?

Individuals can prepare their own general power of attorney documents by using standard fill-in-the-blanks forms available at public libraries, law libraries or financial institutions. However, att... Read More »