Who is the UK foreign minister?

Answer Answer The current foreign Minister is David Miliband.As of 16th November 2010 William Hague is the UK Foreign Secretary (Minister).

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Who is the foreign minister of UK?

WHAT is the name of US foreign policy minister for Pakistan?

Tensions between the United States and Syria come from three major sources. Syria disapproves (to put it mildly) American support for the State of Israel at all and certainly more than the Palestin... Read More »

Who was the german foreign minister who sought to gain mexican support in the war effort?

In January 1917, Arthur Zimmermann, the foreign minister of Germany, promised the German minister to Mexico that if Mexico helped Germany fight the United States, it would be rewarded with U.S. ter... Read More »

Why Indian Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav is the best Railway Minister Other than his PreviousSuccessors?

because he is perhaps the only minsiter who has given profit in railways.till he joined,railways was always in losses worth crores.and after he joined as railways minister,railways not only covered... Read More »