Who is the President's chief official in foreign affairs?

Answer In the United States, the Secretary of State is the President's chief official in foreign affairs. The Secretary of State carries out foreign policy through the State Department and the Foreign Ser... Read More »

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Which government official is primarily responsible for implementing the presidents and the nations foreign policy?

Which of the following terms best describes the US foreign policy following World War 1 which was a complete withdrawal from foreign affairs?

President William Howard Taft coined the phrase "dollar diplomacy" in 1909, to describe providing loans and aid to countries that the U.S. wanted as allies, in order to increase commerce between th... Read More »

It is the US and the Presidents duty to take control of world affairs?

It is not our country's job to take on the world, if they are at war with us yes we should fight back. It is not our citizens job to risk their life day after day because the president desides we s... Read More »

The Best Foreign Affairs Schools?

A foreign affairs degree can lead to a variety of careers. Graduates of these programs can often find employment with government agencies, multinational businesses and non-profit organizations. Gra... Read More »