Who is the Mafia Hacking Team and how did they hack my friend's websites?

Answer To answer your first question I would guess that the "Mafia Hacking Team " are teenagers simply due to the fact that who would waste their time or take the risk just to hack a website as far as how... Read More »

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Can i get arested for hacking on to my friends comp?

For hacking? No, by definition hacking does not constitute anything that violates laws.…For cracking or other such activities considered illegal than the a... Read More »

How can I stop receiving updates about FB friends Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc.?

On your home page hover just immediately right from the entry you don't want to see. There will appear a button marked "hide". Click it and select hide *person name* to not see notifications from t... Read More »

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How to Increase My Mafia Size in Mafia Wars?

"Mafia Wars," an online game available on the social networking sites MySpace and Facebook, lets you live out the fantasy of being a mobster without the worry of getting arrested. Perform hits on r... Read More »