Songs on the Tropical Thunder cd?

Answer CD ONE01 Get Busy | Sean Paul 02 Whine Up | Kat DeLuna feat. Elephant Man 03 Move Ya Body | Nina Sky feat. Jabba 04 Snake | R. Kelly feat. Big Tigger 05 Never Leave You... Read More »

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Is thunder produced by lighting?

Thunder and lightning are both products of the same electrical discharge in the atmosphere. Thunder is the aural companion to a lightning strike's visual display. A lightning strike occurs when pos... Read More »

Is thunder bird real?

No, it is just a thunder birds might have been pterosaurs but dinosaurs went extinct 60 million years ago so no their not real

How to Help a Dog Scared of Thunder?

The sky is dark, the clouds illuminated with lightning, and thunder booms. You know that you are perfectly safe, but your dog does not know this. Understanding your dog is key to helping him cope w... Read More »

How to Measure Thunder & Lightning?

Lightning and thunder are closely related and often seem to occur within seconds of each other during a storm. This close relationship between observable phenomena can be used to measure the distan... Read More »