How to Help a Dog Scared of Thunder?

Answer The sky is dark, the clouds illuminated with lightning, and thunder booms. You know that you are perfectly safe, but your dog does not know this. Understanding your dog is key to helping him cope w... Read More »

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Is thunder bird real?

No, it is just a thunder birds might have been pterosaurs but dinosaurs went extinct 60 million years ago so no their not real

How do i camp near rolling thunder?

ElevationMove to low elevation. Lightning takes the quickest route to the ground it can find, so it is always best to avoid mountains, hills, and ridge-tops.CoverMove away from open areas. Do not... Read More »

How to Overcome the Fear of Thunder?

ThunderOne of the most common fear in people is fear of thunder. Fear of thunder or, Brontophobia, is a easily treated fear, as long as you have the right open mind and soul.

What state has the most thunder storms?

Florida is the state that has the most thunderstorms each year. After Florida, other states of the southeast have the next highest number of thunderstorms during the year. These include Georgia, Al... Read More »