Who is the Geib family related to?

Answer he has his mother, momma sticky, and his sister, cookie, then (just incase you dont know) his friends wood and furrly wally

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Is the Skelton family related to the Brus family of Scotland?

Is the Skelton family related to Brus family of Scotland?

The English language does not have a term for a relationship between you and the wife of your cousin. She is not considered to be related to you and would be called "my cousin's wife" if you wanted... Read More »

Is the Kope family related to the Cope family?

The majority have no problem with the husbands immediate family. The one's that do are insecure for some reason.

Would you have an accurate family tree if you added an adopted person who is not related to you by blood or genes from your ascendants and did not report them as an adopted member of the family?

You would have an accurate tree regardless of whether you indicated the adoption of not. Legally they are treated as if they were of blood.