Don't you just love The Fray?

Answer Yes, I have loved them for a long time, and I'm only 14.

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How to Fray Pants?

Fraying pants gives an older and more beat-up look to your clothing. It is ideal for going to parties, concerts or just hanging out with friends on Saturday nights.The trick to successfully fraying... Read More »

How do i cut a ribbon so it doesn't fray?

CutPut a piece of clear tape over the place where you plan to cut. Cut with sharp scissors. Cut diagonally. Remove the tape carefully.SealFire up your iron to "medium" and test-seal the cut edge of... Read More »

How to Open a Fray Bentos Pie?

The Fray Bentos pies are a pain to open. Thick lid, shallow tin and often quite heavy. Follow these simple steps to get your meaty dinner.

How to Fix a Fray in the Middle of a Carpet?

Carpet is designed to withstand years of foot traffic. It is installed over padding by stretching the carpet over tack strips that have upward pointing barbs. Any seams in the carpet from room to r... Read More »