Who is the CEO of Sri Lankan Airlines?

Answer Manoj Gunawardena is the current CEO of Sri Lankan Airlines. The airline, which was established in 1979, serves 44 locales in 29 countries within Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia... Read More »

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Who is the Sri lankan spokesperson for air force?

Are there foundations in Sri Lankan homes?

Answer Yes of course. Especially the houses in Colombo. The local construction industry has been among the most respected in South Asia after it became a republic in 1972 and the development was le... Read More »

What does type PB mean on a Sri Lankan passport?

PB means it is a type of your passport- Regular or Ordinary passport Also there are more types such as Diplomatic /Official/ Emergency etc..

How to Make a Sri Lankan Fruit Salad?

Have you ever eaten that disgusting fruit in a can, called fruit salad? Instead, make a fruit salad with Sri Lankan style out of fresh fruit that will blow you away! It's delicious and nutritious.