Who is that girl in that boomers birthday pictures?

Answer It would seem that this camera is not compatible with the high-capacity SD cards, such as SDHC or SDXC, and since the highest capacity of data on a standard SD card is 2 GB, then that would be the ... Read More »

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When I connect my canon powershot sd500 to the computer I can't upload any pictures it says that the pictures are not a supported file how do i fix that?

The relationship is direct. The greater the video resolution the more pixels it requires. Digital imaging and computer screens address each and every pixel on the screen directly. you can decide E... Read More »

What is the BEST camera that I can buy. I mean I need one that make pictures that look like true life.?

Sony cameras are very handy. But if you want life like pics go for one of the latest nikon models. They are really can search for a digi cam at this link Read More »

Who was that girl that was from the Philippines that sang on the Oprah Winfrey show?

Just like the many other folks, we wonder ?Thanks for your time,Barbara Walker_DuBeau

Who is the Birthday girl blowing out the candle in that Nikon Camera commercial with Ashton Kutcher?