Was Socrates Correct.. .....?

Answer As said, it was Archimedes that shouted "EUREKA" and I have to admit that your question has a very profound logic. However, even today when we find something that we lost we still say "evrika " or ... Read More »

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How to Live Like Socrates?

Socrates is considered the first major western philosopher along with his pupil Plato.[1] Socrates lived a simple life in Athens, and after being both a stonemason and soldier, he became a philosop... Read More »

How to Write an Introduction to an Essay on Socrates?

An introduction to an essay is used to outline the content in the rest of the work. It also serves to draw the reader in, making him want to continue reading. An essay introduction can be written i... Read More »

What was Socrates'motto as a code of conduct for human behavior?

One of the principal teachings of Socratic thought was the motto, "Know thyself!" Socrates got this motto, which also heavily influenced his code of conduct, from the Oracle at Delphi.References:Bo... Read More »

What did Nietzsche have in common with Wagner, Socrates, St. Paul, and Martin Luther?

Friedrich Nietzsche had one significant thing in common with Socrates, Paul of Tarsus, Martin Luther, and Richard Wagner. All of these men spoke Greek. In the case of Socrates and Paul, it was thei... Read More »

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