Who was the first catwoman in the batman tv series?

Answer From 1966 until 1968, the American Broadcast Company (ABC) ran the first live-action installment of DC Comic's superhero Batman and his sidekick, Robin. Among Batman and Robin's many adversaries wa... Read More »

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Who played catwoman in the batman tv series?

The original Batman TV Series of the 1960s featured three actresses in the role of Catwoman, according to BlurtIt.Com and confirmed by IMDB.Com. Julie Newmar was the original Catwoman. Both Eartha ... Read More »

Who played catwoman on tv show batman in the late 1960s?

Who played in'Batman'movies?

Though there have been seven official "Batman" films, five different actors have assumed the role of the Dark Knight. The films varied in quality, but each was a box-office success.IdentificationAd... Read More »

How did Batman glide in the movies?

Batman has appeared in seven live-action movies and a number of animated feature films. In several of them, he uses a glider as a part of his arsenal of weapons."Batman Returns"Tim Burton's "Batman... Read More »