What do we call streams or rivers that flow into larger rivers?

Answer Rivers and streams that flow into larger rivers are referred to as tributaries. Tributaries can be perennial, meaning they flow all year long, or intermittent, meaning they flow only during the wet... Read More »

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Why are Texas rivers called wrong way rivers?

Some of the biggest rivers in Texas are known as "wrong-way rivers" because they mostly carry water away from the driest areas of the state and bring it to the wettest areas--the "wrong" direction,... Read More »

Is Sandra Lee married to Andrew Cuomo?

As of May 2010, Sandra Lee is not married to Andrew Cuomo. Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo dated for five years. Sandra Lee is from the Food Network and Andrew Cuomo is the attorney general of New York... Read More »

What Are the Three Rivers on the Kansas Map?

The state of Kansas contains three major navigable rivers: the Missouri, the Kansas and the Arkansas rivers. While the Kansas River flows into the Missouri, the Arkansas and Missouri rivers are tri... Read More »

How many rivers are in Texas?

More than 3,700 streams and 15 major rivers can be found in Texas. Major rivers include the Rio Grande, the Pecos, the White and the Colorado. Most Texas rivers flow into the Gulf of Mexico.Source:... Read More »