Who is responsible for xp antivirus?

Answer XP Antivirus was made by an unknown computer virus developer. XP Antivirus is designed to look like a legitimate antivirus program, but it is actually a type of malware. The creator of XP Antivirus... Read More »

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How could one updated and well reviewed free antivirus miss 5 viruses that another antivirus tool picked up?

maybe because you have two anti-virus running at the same time you will get false readings from one or the other use only one .

Can you run McAfee Antivirus& Spyware Doctor Antivirus at the same time?

Yes, you can. However, using two antivirus programs at the same time is not recommended, as they are likely to interfere with one another. This interference can result in error messages or one or b... Read More »

Am i responsible i damaged an awning but other parties have damaged the same awning who is responsible myselfcausing initial damage or all three of us that have caused damage?

if you had repaired it when it was first damaged, it would be an easy choice. But in this case, you have to CONVINCE the "others" that they also damaged it. Since you did not replace it when it ... Read More »

How to Become Responsible?

The main point of responsibility is to be trusted and do what you must. "You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today." ~Abraham Lincoln