Who is responsible for water damage in cond9?

Answer Yes, you can remove the drugs and live there.

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Are you responsible for damage to personal property other than your own if water damage occurs in your apartment?

Answer If you were aware of a leak....informed no one, took no steps to repair or prevent the water from escaping your apartment and damaging your neighbor's are. However, if you ar... Read More »

Who is responsible for water damage in condo basement?

In this case, call the broker who handles the master policy for the condominium association. Who repairs the damage and who pays for the damage may be different.The broker and the board and any inv... Read More »

If I rent a house and get water damage to my furniture who is responsible?

The landlord is usually only responsible for negligent damage, not fire or disaster. You can buy renter's insurance to cover your furnishings.

In a condo complex who is responsible for damage caused by a blown water heater?

It depends. If the owner allowed the water heater to 'blow' or fail in any way, even by allowing it to age without inspecting it, then the owner's insurance may be liable for all the water damage c... Read More »