Who is responsible for tree removal in Minnesota?

Answer In Minnesota, property owners are responsible for tree removal on private property and local governments are responsible on public property. After storms, local communities can offer tree and debri... Read More »

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Who is responsible for mold removal in condominium?

Your issue is greater than mold: your issue is water intrusion. As an owner, you can work with your board and with the management company to identify the source of water intrusion, and eliminate it... Read More »

Are landlords or renters responsible for snow removal?

On One Hand: Landlord and Tenants Share Snow Removal DutyAs a general rule, landlords are responsible for maintaining the safety of their property. But the extent of their responsibility can vary f... Read More »

How to: Junk Removal in Minnesota?

If you live in Minnesota and have a need to remove old rubbish or junk, there are different resources available for you. Sometimes, you can even make a healthy profit for the items that may be coll... Read More »

Who is responsible for mold removal costs in condo attic roof?

It depends on who owns the attic roof (ceiling?), and who has mold insurance. Read your governing documents to determine ownership, and then work with your board to determine who pays for mold remo... Read More »