Who is responsible for the upkeep of condo decks...the homeowner or the association?

Answer You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.Usually decks are called limited common area, and your assessments pay for the maintenance, protection and preservation of all real esta... Read More »

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Can a condo homeowner be charged a fee to obtain a master condo association flood certificate of insurance?

Depending on the source of the certificate, it may be that there are expenses related to producing it. The management company may have a set fee for all copies, scans and so forth. The insurance co... Read More »

Can i hold tenant association responsible for my condo being burglarized?

'Tenant association' is uncommon, unless you mean a rental agency who found the tenant who occupied your condominium when it was burglarized. If you believe that the tenant was involved with the bu... Read More »

If common areas in a housing community are still owned by title by the developer never titled to the Home Owners Association who is responsible for the upkeep and liability of those common areas?

This is not a legal answer; your answerer is not an attorney.If the association can verify that title remains in the developer's name, the association may be able to recover costs it has expended t... Read More »

Where does it say that the association is responsible for outside structural repairs of condo buildings?

That question is covered under the area in which the "Common Property" belonging to the Association is described. The outside of the buildings would be considered the same as the parking lots and s... Read More »