Who is responsible for the financial consequences of a minor's driving?

Answer The legal guardian.

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What is the California law for minors with a driver's license driving other minors?

Newly licensed minor in California and hoping to take your friends out for a ride? Bad idea.The lawFor 12 months after being licensed, a minor cannot transport anyone who is under age 20 unless the... Read More »

Are Minors Responsible for Debts They Incur?

On One Hand: Contract VoidDebts incurred through contract by a minor do not hold in court because most states do not hold minors legally capable of a binding contract, says Credit This g... Read More »

Are minors responsible for credit card debt?

On One Hand: Paying Off DebtWhen someone uses a credit card, they automatically agree to the terms of the card. This is considered a type of contract, the website states. When a cre... Read More »

Are you responsible if the co-owner is driving the car without insurance?

Uninsured DriversYes, Your name is on the title. Get insurance. If the driver or co-owner has an accident you can both be held jointly and separately liable for all damages.Both the vehicle Owners ... Read More »