Who is responsible for my minor daughter's medical care during her pregnancy?

Answer You (parents) are responsible for her care and medical care until she is eighteen. You should consult with an attorney to determine if you could get some financial help from the father or his paren... Read More »

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Are you Financially Responsible for my teenage daughters pregnancy?

As her parents you are responsible for her health care and everything else she needs pregnant or not. When the baby is born it's up to her and the father to support the child and you support her ju... Read More »

Are the parents of a minor pregnant child responsible for her medical bills?

Not exactly , here parents from both the sides, that is the girls parents and also the boys parents should pay for the medical bills. It should not be left entirely on the girls parents as the boy ... Read More »

FATHERS: If sex wasn't the cause of pregnancy, would you care if you're daughters had it?

My husband says: Of course! Sex is about respecting your body and loving your partner and yourself. Sex is for an adult relationship or a marriage. It's not a hand out, or a way to make yourself fe... Read More »

The Medical Unit is responsible for the development of the Medical Plan obtaining medical aid and?