Who is responsible for mold removal costs in condo attic roof?

Answer It depends on who owns the attic roof (ceiling?), and who has mold insurance. Read your governing documents to determine ownership, and then work with your board to determine who pays for mold remo... Read More »

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Who is responsible for mold removal in condominium?

Your issue is greater than mold: your issue is water intrusion. As an owner, you can work with your board and with the management company to identify the source of water intrusion, and eliminate it... Read More »

If a leak from my condo damaged the condo below mine and neither of us have insurance who would be responsible for paying for the damages?

If it was determined that the condominium did not bear any blame, then you are the one who would be responsible.

Who is responsible for an insolvent condo maint fee when the daughter inherits the condo but gives it back to the bank because her father owes more than its worth?

If the association has filed a lien for unpaid assessments, and the lien has a priority status over that of the mortgage lender -- potentially only some of the -- unpaid assessments will be paid fr... Read More »

What do you do or who is responsible when an exterior wall of your condo is leaking onto your condo?

Your question is interesting in that it asks about leaks 'onto' your condo, without stating that the water is leaking 'into' your condominium. Water dripping onto your condominium balcony/ roof lin... Read More »