Who is responsible for damages when a tree falls on a car during storm?

Answer That is an act of Nature. No one is responsible (liable) for an act of Nature.Your homeowners policy will not cover it.The comprehensive portion of the vehicle owners Auto Insurance policy would ha... Read More »

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Who is responsible for vehicle damage if a tree falls on it during a storm?

AnswerIt's called an act of nature. No one is liable for acts of nature. Simply submit a claim to your auto insurance. You'll be responsible for the deductible but they'll cover the rest.There's a ... Read More »

Whose insurance is responsible if a tree on your property falls and damages another person's vehicle during clear weather?

Answer Weather doesn't matter. Your HomeOwners Insurance would be responsible for those damages.

What government is responsible if a tree falls?

None, Trees fall all the time, It's a natural occurrence. Nobody is liable for an act of nature.

Is the home owner or the tenant responsible for damages caused by a tree falling on a rented property?

Liability for Fallen Tree Homeowner's insurance would be the first recourse. If insurance does not cover the damages the owner of the property would be responsible. One Possible Exception The answe... Read More »