Who is responsible for damage of the rented condo by robbery?

Answer The unit owner can contact the board of directors to determine whether the interior of the unit is covered by the master policy, or not. Otherwise, the owner can contact their HO-6 insurance provid... Read More »

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What do I do when I have no HO insurance for my condo and my condo association and builders claim that my fridge caused substantial water damage in the unit directly below mine not sold and not rented?

You are responsible for any damage caused to someone else's property, why did they let you move in the condo without proper insurance is beyond me, whether the unit below you is rented or not is of... Read More »

Who is responsible for storm damage to items in a rented storage unit?

In general, property that is stored in a rental unit that is damaged by a storm is the responsibility of the rental unit owner and not the facility, unless it is part of the lease agreement. Some s... Read More »

I am renovating my condo unit on the 5th floor. I broke open a water pipe causing it to flood down to the lower units. Am i responsible or would the damage be coverd by the building condo insurance.?

Since you caused the damage, your HO-6 condominium unit owner's insurance may cover the cost of repair. However, your insurance company and the insurance company that carries the master policy will... Read More »

In a condo who is the responsible for damage to the fuse panel?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the fuse panel, the unit owner or the association. As well, your board can help you determine who is responsible to fix/replace the panel and wh... Read More »