Who is required to stop at weight scales?

Answer Freeway weight scales are also known as weigh stations. Each state has its own regulations on weigh stations. In California, all commercial vehicles must pull in. In Nebraska, the list comprises al... Read More »

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Are weight scales omnidirectional?

No. Weight scales are calibrated to work in one direction. Pushing on the scale will give a false reading due to incorrect calibration. If you push or pull the scale sideways it will have no effect... Read More »

Homemade Weight Scales?

Even if you don't have a store-bought scale at home, it is still possible to weigh an object. Using some household objects combined with basic physics and mathematical principles, determining mass ... Read More »

Are weight scales deductible in the USA?

A weight scale can qualify for a tax deduction in the United Sates, if it is defined as an "ordinary" or "necessary" business expense. An "ordinary" business expense is common in your line of work.... Read More »

The History of Scales for Weight?

Monitoring personal body weight on a scale is a convenience now taken for granted. Technological advances have increased accuracy and performance, but scales for weight measurement have been used ... Read More »