Are you happy or do you worry on reading this news ?

Answer Happy and worried both...Of course happy, because the lives of infants are more expensive than anything else. If good medical services in India are saving it, I am extremely happy about that. Worri... Read More »

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This is on Veggie., diets, am reading alot of recipes,?

Being vegetarian in no way requires the consumption of soy.Processed crap is processed crap, whether it's vegetarian or not.

I have a blood pressure reading of 184/76 how high is this?

High systolic blood pressure (the first and higher number) appears to be a significant indicator for heart complications, including death, in all ages, but especially in middle-aged and older adult... Read More »

Does anyone know what this EKG reading means?

The EKG results picked up delayed left ventricle contraction. This can be a symptom of several different heart problems. Maybe they need to follow up with additional testing to determine the cau... Read More »

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