What is the josh real name in drake and josh?

Answer Josh Peck and Drake Bell (its their real names)his real name is josh peck

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Josh last name in episode drake and josh?

In the show, his last name is Nichols; in real life, his last name is Peck.

What is josh from drake and josh name?

His real name is Josh Peck, Drake's is Drake Bell, Megan's is Miranda Cosgrove, Walter's is Jonathan Goldstein, Drake's mom's is Nancy Sullivan, and Crazy Steve's is Jerry Trainor.

Pride and Prejudice mr Bennet BBC actor?

The actor's name for Mr. Bennet in that version of "Pride and Prejudice" is Benjamin Whitrow.

How old is Josh from drake and Josh in 2011?

As of July of 2011, Josh Peck is 24 years old. He will turn 25 in November.