Who is proposing a bill to tax the 401(k)?

Answer Two Democrats in the House proposed a bill in 2008 to eliminate the tax breaks that Americans get on their 401(k) accounts. Representative George Miller and Representative Jim McDermott proposed a ... Read More »

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What should a woman give when proposing to a man?

On One Hand: Traditional RingChoose a ring that matches your man's style and tastes and present it to him during a romantic moment. You don't have to get on one knee, but the ring is the symbol of... Read More »

What finger do you put the ring on when proposing marriage?

The engagement ring goes on the fourth finger, or the ring finger, of the left hand. Placing the engagement ring on that finger is considered a symbol of love because of the belief that a vein in t... Read More »

Iam very afraid of proposing my girlfriend what will be the procedure to propose her?…

What is your gut instinct telling you about Jackk proposing to Jade?

RIGGS is smiling,ill "GLOSS" over the T/D,but one thing i do know,one of our relations had been together over 30 years,and when he got diagnosed with bone cancer,they had a little private ceromony ... Read More »