What oceans did Ponce de Leon sail on?

Answer Best known as the explorer that discovered Florida and searched for the fountain of youth, Ponce de León came to the Caribbean from Spain in 1493, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with Christophe... Read More »

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Who is under Leon Panetta in the CIA?

That is a stupid question, they are two different things. that's like asking what is more sweeter apples or bananas . As depicted in movies (fiction) I would say the CIA is more "sophisticated".

Did Leon win because of his looks?

Leon won because of Kylie's looks. Rhydian was far more talented. But leon won for a no. of reasons.1) The phone lines were a fix.2) Leon is more "normal" than rhydian, personally i like the indivi... Read More »

How to Fit Seat Leon Headlights?

The Seat Leon is a Spanish-engineered hatchback with five doors. The Leon's headlights are prone to crack or break as a result of a front-end collision. Once the head lights are broken they must b... Read More »

What has leon panetta accomplished in the cia?

No. It was time traveling extremists from the future.JFK would have become stronger than you could ever imagine.It had to be done.