How to Recreate the Look of Jacob Black From "Twilight"?

Answer The mysterious Quileute Indian Jacob Black is known in the "Twilight" universe as Bella Swan's best friend/werewolf. Duplicating Jacob's look means adjusting your hair, skin and clothing. Other cha... Read More »

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Which team are u on Edward, Jacob, or team anti-twilight?

Well gee, the name I go by includes "Van Helsing", so I would say that makes me RABIDLY AGAINST THAT EVIL SATANIC JOKE THAT SOME WORTHLESS ****** WHORES MIGHT CALL LITERATURE!!! I AM ANTI-TWILIGHT ... Read More »

What was the name of the Jerry Vale song that was featured on an episode of The Twilight Zone playing on the jukebox?

How to Act, Look, and Dress Like a Twilight Cullen or a Twilight Newborn Vampire?

Ever wanted to freak friends out? Or just dress up realistically for fun? Well now you can! Do you want to make people believe that you are a Cullen? Follow these steps to become a Twilight vampire!

What book comes after"Twilight"in the Twilight saga?

The Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer consists of four books that chronologically tell the story of the vampire Edward and his mortal love, Bella. The first book, "Twilight," is followed by the seco... Read More »