Are Jesse Jackson& Reggie Jackson related?

Answer No, Jesse Jackson and Reggie Jackson are not related. Jesse Jackson is a civil-rights activist, while Reggie Jackson is a former professional baseball player. Their relationship is a common misconc... Read More »

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Is Jesse Jackson an ordained minister?

Jesse Jackson became an ordained Baptist minister in 1968. He studied theology at the Chicago Theological Seminary but never finished. He left in 1966 to devote himself to the Civil Rights movement... Read More »

Why was Jesse Jackson Sr. important to black history?

Jesse Jackson Sr. is important to black history because he has been fighting for the civil rights and fair treatment of blacks for most of his adult life. Jackson founded The National Rainbow Coali... Read More »

What did Jesse Jackson say about Obama over open mike at Fox News?

On Sunday, July 6, 2008, Jesse Jackson appeared on Fox News. An open microphone picked up a whispered comment: "See, Barack's been talking down to black people. I want to cut his nuts off."Source:C... Read More »

Is Randy Jackson of American Idol the same Randy Jackson of the Jackson 5ive?

No, he was not. Randy was a nickname for Steven Randall Jackson. (Michael Jackson's younger brother) Randy Jackson on American Idol is not in any way related to Michael Jackson and he isn't one of... Read More »