How to Quarter Saw?

Answer By cutting a log in quarters before cutting it into boards, the grain will be in parallel lines straight down the whole length of the board. When the quarter saw technique is done correctly, it sho... Read More »

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How to 180 Ramp (Quarter)?

How to 180 on a Quarter.You have seen people do it before, now its YOUR turn.

What Is a Quarter Panel?

After an accident or a fender bender, a body shop repairman may say that is "easier to replace the quarter panel" than to try to correct the dent. What is a quarter panel, and what does it do?Anato... Read More »

How to Quarter a Duck?

Quartering a duck is a simple process that can be accomplished with just a cutting board and a set of kitchen shears. One of the most advantageous reasons to quarter a duck is that the light meat o... Read More »

How to Quarter a Chicken?

Cooking a whole chicken is a great way to stretch a dollar as well as feed an entire family. Not only can you eat the meat on the chicken, but you can also use the carcass to make a wonderful chick... Read More »