How to Quarter Saw?

Answer By cutting a log in quarters before cutting it into boards, the grain will be in parallel lines straight down the whole length of the board. When the quarter saw technique is done correctly, it sho... Read More »

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Who is on the head of a quarter?

George Washington, the first United States president, has been depicted in profile on the head of the quarter since 1932. Those produced between 1796 --- when the first quarters were made --- and 1... Read More »

Why is the eagle on the quarter?

The bald eagle has been a symbol of the United States since the Revolutionary War and has graced the back of the U.S. quarter since 1796. The eagle is there because of its presence on the Great Sea... Read More »

How to Quarter a Duck?

Quartering a duck is a simple process that can be accomplished with just a cutting board and a set of kitchen shears. One of the most advantageous reasons to quarter a duck is that the light meat o... Read More »

How to Spin a Quarter?

Spinning quarters is a thing that is hard for some people. This article will show you how to spin one.