Who is on the front of the 100,000 dollar bill?

Answer Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States of America, is on the front of the $100,000 bill, according to the Nation Master Encyclopedia. These bills were only produced from December 1... Read More »

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How to Do a $1 Dollar Bill to $5 Dollar Bill Magic Trick?

Can you copy a dollar bill on the scanner then print it out or is there something in the bill that doesn't a?

all currency is now protected in ten different ways so it would be impossible to even try it it will never work

Who was on the 2-dollar bill?

The modern $2 bill with Thomas Jefferson on the front appeared in 1928, according to CNN. Before 1928, various people appeared on $2 certificates, notes and currencies, including Alexander Hamilton... Read More »

What does the eye on the dollar bill mean?

The eye depicted on the reverse of American banknotes is known as the "All-seeing Eye." According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, this is meant to symbolize the importance of divine guidan... Read More »