Who is on a diet Am I the only one that is HUNGRY?

Answer Not me I'm way to greedy for that! I'm always hungry

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Should you eat only when you're hungry or should you eat at regular intervals so that you dont feel hungry?

My advice is to eat between five to six meals per day. By eating smaller portions of food more often you will feel less hungry in between meals and not deprived. When people only eat, let’s say, ... Read More »

I am on a diet and am always hungry...any ideas...?

Ok you want to diet not starve yourself so here's what you do.1.) Give yourself a daily caloric limit - don't go below 1250 or so or it won't be healthy2.) Watch what you eat - no junk food, fast f... Read More »

Is it true that society finally accepts that a vegetarian diet is better than a meaty diet?

A representative of one of these companies was interviewed on the Chris Evans show on Radio 2 this evening, talking about the very same thing. I have to say she did fudge the question a bit when Ch... Read More »

Should I eat only when hungry on Atkins?

The Atkins diet plan recommends that dieters eat between three and five small meals daily. Dieters who don't feel hungry should still eat a small snack that is low in carbohydrates.Source:Atkins Di... Read More »