In what city did the Dodgers baseball team first play?

Answer The Dodgers baseball franchise dates back to 1884 when the Brooklyn Atlantics played their home games in Brooklyn, New York. The franchise, which would go by the moniker of the Grays, the Bridegroo... Read More »

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What was the Twilight Zone episode about a Baseball team called the Hoboken Zephyrs seemingly patterned after the Brooklyn Dodgers It was Not violent by the way?

What is the average number of people on a high school baseball team?

For towns of all sizes, high school athletic teams provide an identity to the town. Also, the better the athletic team, the better reputation the school system has. The average amount of players on... Read More »

What was the first baseball team in the history of baseball?

The Cincinnati Reds was the first baseball team in the history of professional baseball. The first Reds team took the field in 1869, then called the Red Stockings. The team defeated a team called t... Read More »

How many players are in a baseball team?

The maximum amount of players allowed on a Major League Baseball team during regular season play is 25. Teams are allowed to have up to 40 players until the first regular season game. Additionally,... Read More »