Who is most likely to catch AIDS?

Answer On One Hand: HIV Does Not DiscriminateHIV (Human-Immuno Deficiency Virus), the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), is transmitted by bodily fluids from one person to anoth... Read More »

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Can you catch AIDS if someone has AIDS?

On One Hand: HIV is TransmissibleHIV (human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS) can be transmitted from one person to another. It can be transmitted through unprotected sex with an infected ... Read More »

Can a baby catch AIDs?

the AIDS virus does not live long outside of the body, *especially* if the area has been thoroughly cleaned... you have nothing to worry about!"Air does not 'kill' HIV, but exposure to air dries th... Read More »

Can you catch aids from your pet dog im so worried i might have it, he is a male cocker spaniel?

Can you catch aids from drinking out of a dirty beer glass?

Yes you can. Is it probable? No. Possible? Absolutely. As you see in the post above if there was an open cut or other injury causing the mouth to bleed, gingivitis?, then transmission is possible. ... Read More »