Who is more important mum or dad?

Answer both you should love your parents the same cos mum and dad brought u into the world by sex

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In your experience, what’s more important for performance More RAM or a better processor?

Depending on what you do either could be better. Secondly, the type of processor and RAM also play a part - Quad or Duo? Atom or Centrino? DDR3 or DDR2? Dual channel or More/Less? Third; how much... Read More »

What's more important to you...?

cost !! i am still waiting for the democrats solution to the problem...what was that again...oh, yeah...gas cards , just like a food stamp card... another new welfare choice for Americans...does i... Read More »

Which one is more important the CIA or FBI?

They are both important to the US. The FBI deals with the internal security of the US, while the CIA handles the external threats. The CIA just gets more attention because of the wars in Iraq and A... Read More »

Who is more important friends or siblings?

Siblings, friends come and go, but family is here to stay.Definetly siblings you share the same flesh and blood symbolicly. When friends turn and stab you in the back siblings are there to heal the... Read More »