Who is more important in a preschoolers life parent or a teacher why?

Answer This is a complex question. The parent is ALWAYS the child's first teacher, and the home environment is the one the child is most likely to model him/herself after. Sometimes the home environment... Read More »

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Will a judge give custody to the parent with more money who's had a drug problem or the jobless parent who loves the child more than life itself?

Answer Custody is granted to the parent who will give the child the most stable, safe and caring environment.Needless to say, any parent who has a proven drug problem, will not be looked on favorab... Read More »

Why is parent teacher communication important for student success?

A strong and positive relationship between parents and teachers must serve the best interest of the student. Communication throughout the year is essential to support student success and well being... Read More »

Which is more important human life or animal life?

There's no debate - the answer is human life - but we should also be compassionate towards animal life.

If the non-custodial parent hasn't seen or been in the child's life for more than 3 years is it abandonment?

Answer Emotionally yes, legally no. If a child support order has not been adhered to, as orderd by the court, that is a legal matter. Sadly, a parent cannot be forced to take an active part in the... Read More »