Has Miley Cyrus ever considered going on Dancing with the Stars?

Answer i think its the one your looking for but...The Ting Tings (great dj)

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Is Miley Cyrus going to act in any other Show's after Hannah Montana?

most likeley she will! hope you enjoy this message -samantha sheldon in racine wisconson locate me lol

So, whats so wrong with miley cyrus?

i totally agree with you! she is like a typical teenage girl... how can you judge her if you dont know her... sure she has taken a few bad pictures... but common you can forgive her! You know what ... Read More »

What's with the OBSESSION of Miley Cyrus!?

Gah! Thank you! Now, I don't really like the Jonas Brothers' music, but there's nothing wrong with it. It's just not for me. What bothers me most is that people decided that they're a good band... Read More »

WHAT IS WRONG WITH MILEY CYRUS!! whats up with all of the photo scandals!?

She's disgusting. She keeps on taking these kind of pictures even though she knows that they will leak out (she's probably the one doing the leaking) and she knows that dirty old men look at these ... Read More »