Who is Marcus Allen's ex wife?

Answer In 1993, football star Marcus Allen married Kathryn Eickstaedt. As of 2010, they are still married. While there are rumors of his involvement with O.J. Simpson's ex-wife, this is his only marriage ... Read More »

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Who is Marcus Allen's ex-wife?

Marcus Allen, the MVP of Super Bowl 1984, was married in 1993 to his wife Kathryn Eickstadt. While much information is readily available regarding his Heismann trophy in 1981 and his successful car... Read More »

Where does the name Marcus come from?

The name, Marcus, is of Latin origin. Defined, the name means dedicated to Mars, or warlike. In mythology, Mars was the Roman God of fertility. There are also variations of the name, including Marc... Read More »

Who Is Marcus Luttrell?

According to the New York Times, Marcus Luttrell is an ex-Navy Seal who survived a fierce battle in Afghanistan in 2005. He was awarded the Navy Cross by President Bush. In 2007, he published his m... Read More »

What amp does Marcus Miller use?

Marcus Miller uses SWR amplification and has designed his own signature pre-amp which he uses in conjunction with a Power 750 power amp of a SM-900 amplifier, both of which are also manufactured by... Read More »