What kind of trumpet did Louis Armstrong play?

Answer Armstrong played several instruments over his career. He learned on a cornet and early in his career, he played Tonk, York, Columbia and Blessing cornets. He switched to trumpets and played Buesche... Read More »

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Where was Louis Armstrong born& when was his date of birth?

Jazz musician Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans on Aug. 4, 1901. Recognized around the world as a founding father of jazz, Armstrong performed music for almost six decades, recording such cla... Read More »

Where did Herbert W. Armstrong come from?

Herbert W. Armstrong was born in Des Moines, Iowa on July 31, 1892 to Quaker parents. Herbert was raised in Des Moines for most of his early life except for one year when his family lived in nearby... Read More »

Who is Herbert W. Armstrong?

Herbert W. Armstrong was a 20th-century evangelist, according to the Herbert Armstrong Searchable Library. Armstrong started preaching on the radio in the 1930s and formed the Radio Church of God. ... Read More »

When did niel Armstrong die?