Who is liable if a person's tree falls on a neighbor's house?

Answer Nobody is "Liable" for an act of nature. It does not matter if it was your tree, your neighbors tree or a tree that blew in from 8 blocks away. Your own homeowners insurance policy will cover your... Read More »

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Hurricane causes tree to fall on neighbors house...?

No, your son is not liable. The injured parties' insurance will take care of the initial adjustment and payout. Those insurance companies may file a subrogation suit against your son's insurance ... Read More »

Overhanging tree in next door garden who pays if it falls on your house?

Yes they are.Advise them to cut it back or let them know you will do it.You are not allowed if you do not get permission.Believe it or not if you do it you have to hand the branches over to them as... Read More »

If a child falls at a childcare facility while playing who is liable?

Answerthe child care provider is liable for what happens in their facility but ultimatly it is up to the parent to find a safe provider for the child and make doctors appointment to make sure they ... Read More »

What if a tennent falls and breaks a leg who is liable renter or owner?

Renters insurance generally does cover flying/falling objects. I do believe that a bullet would fall into that category. Please remember that you may have a deductible to face.