Who is King Arthur's queen?

Answer According to the legend of King Arthur, his queen is named Guinevere. She is an important character in the Arthurian legend. It is Queen Guinevere's affair with Sir Lancelot that leads to the downf... Read More »

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What was the name of King Arthur's second sword?

King Arthur's second sword was Excalibur. Excalibur was given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake at the intercession of Merlin. King Arthur's first sword was the "Sword in the Stone," which Arthur... Read More »

Who made King Arthur's sword?

There are many versions of King Arthur's life and differing accounts of his sword, Excalibur (or Caliburn). Several authors agree that the sword was forged on the mystical Isle of Avalon, given to... Read More »

What author wrote the original king arthur?

Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote the first comprehensive account of the life of King Arthur, which he based off of earlier Welsh traditions and folklore.

Which Stores Sell King Arthur Flour Products?

King Arthur Flour is a private, employee-owned milling company that produces natural flours from American wheat. Its flours have the reputation of producing consistent results and being free of ble... Read More »