Has anyone ate at Gordan Ramseys place at N.Y N.Y?

Answer Nope. I have never ATE anywhere. I have eaten...I ate. NEVER "have ate". And it's GORDON.

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Is Jeff Dunham gay?

We don't really know. On his first episode of his show, he was sent with Walter to a gay threapist they know was gay. Later, Walter made a comment that " they were in the bathroom with a crew of me... Read More »

What is Jeff Dunham's last name?

Is jeff stryker gay?

He's stated gender doesn't really come into play with him.

Who is Jeff Zeleny?

Jeff Zeleny is a reporter for "The New York Times," covering the spheres of American politics and government. Prior to that, he reported on those same areas of interest as a correspondent for the "... Read More »