Who is jeanie from the insta credit automart commercials?

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Who is the grandmother in the free credit commercials?

The grandmotherly old woman in the Free Credit Report commercials is played by Lucy Jackson from Ogden, Utah. Her recurring character is seen making unpleasant faces at the band performing in the a... Read More »

Who is the singer in the Free Credit Report commercials?

Eric Violette sings in the Free Credit Report commercials. He hails from Montreal, Quebec and is also an actor and musician. The Free Credit Report commercials were also filmed in Montreal.Sourc... Read More »

Who sings the"Free Credit Report"commercials?

Eric Violette, a French Canadian actor, sings the "Free Credit Report" commercials, according to Helen A. S. Popkin in an article for MS-NBC. The commercials, which launched in October 2007, had ai... Read More »

Who Does the Commercials for Free Credit Report?

The rock group that stars in the commercials for Free Credit Report is known as the Free Credit Report band. Actor and musician Eric Violette leads the band. A Canadian, Violette was born in 1981 a... Read More »