Has Jean K Jean appeared before 101808 on Weekend Update?

Answer he appeared 030808 and 051008. Absolutely, I just don't remember when.

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How to Be Like Claude from GTA III?

So you want to be like one of the protagonists from the famous saga Grand Theft Auto? If you want to be like Claude read the steps and you're going to be (almost) identical to him!

When was Claude Shannon born?

Claude Shannon was born on April 30, 1916.

What is the meaning of the name Claude?

The name Claude can be either masculine or feminine and means “lame” or “crippled.” It is the French form of the Latin-derived Claudius, the family name of several first-century Roman emper... Read More »

Why did georges claude invent the neon light?

Georges Claude was both a scientist and a practical man. His invention of the neon tube grew out of his desire to put his scientific research to everyday use, according to the National Inventors Ha... Read More »