Who is involved in baptism and what are their roles?

Answer It depends on the denomination. Be more specific.. Catholic? Protestant? Mormon? Even many Protestants today don't believe baptism is important, therefore they don't perform it.

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What are the hormones involved and what are their specific roles?

Hormones are chemical messengers that help regulate many processes in living organisms. They regulate growth, metabolism, and play a role in reproduction.

What are the roles involved in Noh?

The four major roles in a Noh play are the shite, the waki, the kyogen and the hayashi. The shite is the protagonist, and his role includes the maeshite (human) and the nochishite (ghost), the shit... Read More »

Are their physical or emotional stress involved with photography?

Finding enough work to pay the bills and meeting deadlines come immediately to mind. Demanding clients who think they know more than you do are another. Physically, you spend a lot of time up on la... Read More »

What are your roles in life and what are the conflicts in your roles?