Who is in charge of direct tv vendor relations?

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Can anybody direct me to a vendor that sells hardware that processes 8mm film to my computer for DVD?

The cheap do-it-yourself kits work, but not very well. Basically they give you a box with a 8mm film projector and a small screen, and you aim your camcorder at the screen. You'll get a picture, ... Read More »

Who took the first steps to opening normal relations relations with the communist china?

Who is in charge of marketing at direct tv?

For the 2010 season, DirecTV is paying the NFL $700 million for the rights to the Sunday Ticket package. A new four year contract kicks in for the 2011 season at $1 billion per season.

Who is in charge of the legal department at Direct TV?

The channel for Sonic X is Cowpox, channel 11. OK there is no channel 11 cause i have direct TV so it's Ashely channel 57,394,395. And its in the Saturday's in the morning.