Who is in charge of a police station?

Answer A police commissioner is in charge of a police station. The commissioner sets policies and supervises the operations of the police department. Police commissioners are flanked by deputy commissione... Read More »

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Can Police Make a Person Not in Custody Go to the Police Station?

While officers may try to coerce an individual and make them feel like they have to go to the police station, they don't unless or until they are under arrest. As the Huffington Post states, "the C... Read More »

Can the police force a person who is not arrested to go to the police station?

On One Hand: Arrest Is Not Necessary for DetainmentYou can be detained in a police station without being arrested if police have enough evidence to charge you and believe they can get more evidence... Read More »

Can a SSN be changed at the police station?

No, the only way to change a social security number is to contact your local Social Security office. The Social Security Administration will issue you a new number only if you can prove that your S... Read More »

Police Station Field Trips for Children?

Visiting a police station can be an enriching experience for a child. Along with satisfying curiosity, it can give children a positive view of law enforcement and help them understand that law enfo... Read More »