Who is her parents and also siblings?

Answer put wipping cream on there hand and tickle there nose.......if they have a cell phone put press and seal on it thell scream i did it it was awsome!!!!

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Are siblings also your parents?

no siblings are not also parents. siblings is a word for brothers and sisters so you do not have to say my brothers and sisters all the time.

Who were his parents or siblings?

Depends on whether she is ovulating or not and if she orgasmed she can start ovulating again. She should get the morning after pill.

How to Be Nice to Parents and Siblings?

It is better to be nice to your Parents and Siblings than to argue and fight.

Are students who are also parents more or less likely to succeed in school?

Answer There are several theories about whether parents make good students... most of them negative, and along the lines of "If you have a family, you have less time to devote to school." This is... Read More »