I am going to get the IUD up in next Wednesday but i am scared?

Answer NO, I know 3 people to have gotten preg on it... and they had healthy babies! It is rare to get preg on it- but it's weird that I know THREE people who did!You have a higher chance of having an ect... Read More »

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Who is going to be d next navy army general?

I'm not sure what you're trying to ask. 1. There is no navy army. 2. The navy has admirals, not generals. 3. There are too many variables involve to answer this.

What's the next hair trend going to be?

You could do ombré hair with natural colors because personally I love it and I never see anyone with it

Im going to college next year, what do i do?

How are your grades? Scholarships depend partly on that and some are need based but require certain minimum GPA. Online is a great place to look for some, many have requirements, some easy as maki... Read More »

What name is going to be the 'Next Big Thing'?

Madeline or AudreyI have seen it mentioned on here so much, specifically AudreyAudrey is a classic and fits the 'new requirements'